Voice Trading

Reserved for Market Makers. Add the trades performed over the phone, chat, or else.

Why would I need Voice Trading?

The feature is designed to register the trades you perform in a non-electronic fashion. This would come in handy to have all the settlements and trade history in the same interface. The trades would be reflected in the trading, settlement history, and PDF reports.

1. Click on “Orders”

2. Click on “Type”

3. Select “Voice Trade”

4. Input an ID of the counterparty. You may find it in the Risk management section

5. Select the instrument used in the trade

6. Specify the price of the asset

7. Specify the amount of assets traded at this price

8. Press Buy if you have been buying the asset from the counterparty, Sell if you have been selling the asset to the counterparty

Does the Taker need to increase the limit if the trade exceeds it?

Yes, both the global and the counterparty limits will be checked.

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