An easy way to manage your crypto addresses and bank details

How to add?

To add a new crypto address, click on the 'Add & edit' button and select 'Crypto address.' Fill in the following details:

  • Counterparty: The recipient or Counterparty associated with this address.

  • Asset: Select the cryptocurrency asset.

  • Network: If the asset has only one network, it will be prefilled.

  • Your Address: Enter the respective crypto address.

  • Private Note: Add any optional notes for your reference.

  • Memo or Tag: If applicable for assets like XRP, XLM, or CRO, please fill in this field.

If you want to add the same crypto address to a group of clients, use the "Address for all CPs" option. This allows you to link the crypto address to all existing CPs or all existing sub-accounts.

Important: only an account owner can manage the addresses section. The rest of the team has view-only rights.

How to edit?

To edit an existing crypto address, click on the 'Edit' icon next to the respective address and make the necessary changes.

In the pop-up window that appears you can edit the address itself, its note or delete the address.

Useful tip: In the 'Your addresses' tab, you can view, copy, and share the requisites of your crypto addresses. Simply click on the address line to open the detail view.

How to verify and confirm your counterparty addresses?

In the 'CP addresses' tab, you can verify addresses associated with other Counterparties (CPs). These can be crypto addresses linked to a CP or several CPs.

Why should I confirm counterparty addresses?

To stay informed about settlement instructions and any potential changes.


  • Crypto addresses are linked to a CP or several CPs.

  • You can add the same crypto address to a group of clients via the 'Address for all CPs' option.

  • Bank accounts are available for every connected client, including sub-accounts and CPs.

  • There is no option to add a bank account to a specific client.

  • Only 'Owner' level users have the rights to add and edit addresses, while additional users can only view addresses.

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