Toxic Flow Protection

Alternatively "Speed Bump" or "Latency-Floor"

Finery Markets requires liquidity providers to stream firm quotes; is there any protection against HFT or Toxic Flow?

Yes, there is. Under our operating rules, all orders coming from Takers are considered to be aggressive. These include MarketFOK, MarketIOC, LimitFOK, and LimitIOC. There is a latency floor for these order types.

How does the latency floor work?

All aggressive orders are delayed by 50 milliseconds.

Can I have multiple price streams within Finery Markets?

Yes, you have two options:

  1. Establish several price streams for different client groups and display them accordingly.

  2. Run a single price stream and use the Finery Markets markup management tool to create multiple price streams at the client level within Finery Markets.

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