Seamless process to start trading

A seamless way of selecting and onboarding with your counterparty on Finery Markets the moment you say 'Yes' to firm and deep liquidity.

Finery Markets Onboarding is an extension of our existing marketplace. It is the first step you will take after logging into the production environment. Upon logging in, you will be prompted to input your company's data and specify your counterparty requirements. Then, you can begin the onboarding process with the liquidity provider that best suits your needs.

How many steps are there?

  1. Enter your company's legal data.

  2. Accept the T&Cs for using our software.

  3. Provide details about your trading preferences.

  4. Select a provider from the recommended list.

Can I close the tab?

Yes, you will have to re-login into the system to see the list of the providers

How do you make the LP recommendation?

We make recommendations based on the data provided: the banks you are using and the pairs that you are trading.

I have selected a liquidity provider, what should I do next?

The steps are shown on the screen. They usually start with an introduction call. The introduction call is necessary to validate a few compliance and business requirements by a person on the liquidity provider's side.

What would be the last step of the onboarding?

The last step of onboarding is setting up the limits.

Once the KYB process is complete, the Liquidity Provider will set the initial limit. Then it will be your turn to adjust the limits. We have provided preset trading limits, but you can modify them to any value. To learn more about limits, read the Risk Management section

What if I'm experiencing difficulties during the onboarding process?

You can always contact the sales person from Finery Markets for assistance.

What if I require API Integration?

During the account creation process the system will ask you if you need a test account (sandbox) for the API set up. Please keep in mind that the API integration comes with a fee.

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