Error 14

Invalid signature

Error 14 Invalid signature may occur when sending a REST request or connecting a WebSocket.

  • Check that you send a payload as a string.

  • Check the signature is correct.

Use the following tests to check the correctness of your signature:

REST Signature test

// Generate your key and secret 
key = "your API key"
secret = "your API secret"

method = "add"
content = {
        "nonce": 49856723467362345, // Use always increasing nonce
        "timestamp": 1628489110490, // Put current timestamp
        "instrument": "BTC-USD",
        "clientOrderId": 1,
        "size": 1,
        "side": "ask",
        "type": "MarketIOC"

String to be signed:

add{"nonce": 49856723467362345, "timestamp": 1628489110490, "instrument": "BTC-USD", "clientOrderId": 1, "size": 1, "side": "ask", "type": "MarketIOC"}

The correct signature should be exactly the same:


Websocket signature test

key = "RlZ4sKsHSr5zmYKIzbtf772J9y9gx8nekd8COrawI5V"
secret = "cZpZ1vwzOaXuiONfIQVg8h6za97FoHhrwwgoSCNwDAR"

content = {"nonce": 49856723467362345, "timestamp": 1628489110490}

String to be signed:

{"nonce": 49856723467362345, "timestamp": 1628489110490}

The correct signature should be exactly the same:


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