For Market Makers

If you intend on supplying the liquidity to the platform

  1. Once you receive two login credentials:

    1. Market-Maker credentials — the one you use to stream quotes to the platform

    2. Taker credentials — the one you use to validate the quotes that you have provided

  2. You need to set up limits, thus your 2 accounts are connected

    1. You may find your IDs to set up limits here

    2. The limit has to be set up on both accounts:

      1. Log in with Taker credentials; Go to limits; input the ID of your maker account; set the limit to 100 BTC for both net and gross. Additionally please validate that your global limit matches the counterparty one.

      2. Log in with Maker credentials and repeat the process with your Taker ID

  3. Using your Market-Maker account place the order (strem your quote). You may place one or more levels using Add command. Use only ’postOnly’ and ’limit’ order types.

  4. Log in with Taker account and you will see the quotes that you have had posted

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