This article is for the Makers who wish to personalize their price stream per taker.

Is it possible to have multiple price streams?

Yes, a maker can have multiple accounts to meet their needs. However, we offer a more convenient tool for providing different price streams per taker. A maker can control the spread using the markup feature available under the Risk Management tab.

Please keep in mind that the material in this article only applies to price streams from a Maker to a Taker. If you are a Master streaming your own liquidity and at the same time reselling liquidity from other Makers, please refer to the "How to set up a markup" section of the Master Accounts page.

How do I set up a markup per taker?

  1. Go to 'Risk Management' tab

  2. Select the Taker you wish to set up markup for

  3. Click 'Configure'

  4. Toggle the 'Trading Markup' slider to enable trading markup

  5. Input the value in %. For example, to implement a 2 bps markup you would need to type in 0.02

Can I set different markups for different instruments?

Yes. In order to do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'Assets and Instruments'

  2. Go to the 'Instruments' tab

  3. Click the 'Configure' button at the top right of the screen

In the pop-up interface that appears:

  1. Select one or more instruments (all are selected by default)

  2. Select one or more counterparties (all are selected by default)

  3. If you wish to set up different markups for bid and ask, tick the respective box

  4. Set up the markup

  5. Click "Apply"

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