Version 02.09.2023

Linked trades for FM Liquidity Match users

To simplify the tracing of sub-account deals we have added a 'linkedTo' field. It will contain the ID of the initial trade which was later executed with external counterparties.

When a sub-account makes a trade with its' master, multiple deals may be created. The most common flow of the trade is sub-account -> master account -> external counterparty.

For example, if a sub-account Taker had traded with the external counterparty, two deals will be generated 1. Sub-account taker -> Master 2. Master -> Maker. The latter deal will be linked to the first deal in the chain using the 'linkedTo' field.

The following methods have a new field:

pagedealHistorypageFeed 'P' - PositionspageFeed 'O' - Orders

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