Version 03.12.2022

Limits by assets & New notifications

1. Limits by assets

Now, our clients have the option of setting not only Gross trading limits but also custom limits for each asset. This can be set on both Taker and Maker sides.

This Risk Management feature is optional. It can only be set in the asset currency. If the current asset position is above the limit, only decreasing of the position is allowed.

The limit per asset can not be set if the Gross counterparty limit is not set. However when set, the limit by asset is not visible to your counterparty.

Limit values can only be >= 0. If the limit value is 0, you can still trade this asset to reduce the position.

If the limit by asset is set, you can only see the available amount in the order books where this asset is either a base or a price asset.

All limits by asset against CP will be removed if the general CP limit is removed.

The following API methods for Client API will be added:




2. New notifications

We are pleased to introduce you to the new notifications system on our platform. Now our customers can choose which events they want to be notified about: trading, settlement, limits or all of them.

It is easy to make and change settings: click your company name in the top right corner and choose Notifications section, illustrated here:

There are two types of notifications available:

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