Version 11.12.2021

Dear clients, we are going to make changes in global and counterparty limits API. Each client will always have a single global limit. By default it is “USD” 0 gross and 0 net limit. You will be able to set the only one limit per counterparty.

We are also adding new functionality for our market makers (liquidity providers): you can invite takers from your admin panel.

Taker Invite

To invite taker on the platform, use the ‘Invite’ feature. The taker will be seeing only your quotes.

API changes

Global limits For global limits use setLimit API call to change limit values and/or currency.

To reset a global limit to the default state use delLimit method. The ‘currency’ parameter is not required any more.

To apply updates of global limit from feed, handle the only ‘M’ event. In case if the currency has changed, ‘M’ will be sent instead of ‘+’.

Counterparty limits For counterparty limits use setCLimit API call to create the new counterparty limit or to change the existing one. If you call setCLimit with another currency for the same counterparty, the currency will be changed, no new limit will be created.

To delete a counterparty limit use delCLimit method. The ‘currency’ parameter is not required any more.

When applying updates of counterparty limits from feed, take into account that ‘M’ event is sent if limit currency has changed.

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