Version 22.10.2022

Introducing Multi-user accounts

We are pleased to announce the multi-user management system on Finery Markets. This long-awaited feature allows you to issue multiple access credentials for the people in your company while controlling the permissions of each new account.

Watch a video or read how to use the feature below.

The management of the users is located under your profile

From this section, you may issue additional access credentials for your coworkers. The current account would be considered your master account. Thus, it will be used to revoke access to the platform and reassign rights.

You have the option to select functions available to your employee from the list.

  1. View-mode - the user will be able to view all of the available tabs on the platform. However, will be unable to perform any actions.

  2. Trading - the user will be able to execute trades

  3. Trading limits - the user will be able to adjust and change trading limits

  4. Settlement operation - the user will be able to view open positions and control the settlement process, including committing to transactions, creating them, and making requests for settlement

  5. API Keys - provides the rights to issue new API keys for the account

  6. User management - will provide rights to the account to add and delete users and control existing ones, excluding your master account

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