Version 25.12.2021

Dear Market makers,

We’ve prepared a long awaited feature — individual maker-taker markup. Starting 25th of December you will be able to set markup per takers you have limits with from your admin panel on The values you set will have a direct impact on the width of the spread.

Please test-drive the feature in the test environment.

Breaking changes in API. See below

Individual Maker-Taker Markup in WEB

Go to the Limits page. You can see the current markup value near the counterparty name. Edit the limit to set a new markup value.

Important: By default all counterparties will have the same markup as they had before as a global platform markup.

Individual Maker-Taker Markup in API

api/setCLimit Request has an additional optional field ‘takerMarkup’. Set your markup value in % of the price multiplied by 1e4. Example:

    "counterpartyId": 4,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "netLimit": 10000000000000,
    "grossLimit": 15000000000000,
    "takerMarkup": 100  // equals to 0.01% of the price

api/climits and feed ‘L’ Taker markup is returned as an additional field with index 7. Example:

    "BTC", // Currency name
    10000000, // Net limit
    100000000, // Gross limit
    0, // Net limit utilisation
    0, // Gross limit utilisation
    0, // Reserved
    1 // Counterparty i
    100 // Taker markup

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