Position Management

1. How do you account open positions?

We account the open positions per asset (not per pair).

2. What do the assets in red mean?

The asset in red is a short position meaning that you owe “X” amount to your counterparty

3. What do the assets in black mean?

The asset in black is a long position meaning that your counterparty owes you “Y” amount

4. What is “Equity”?

We summarize the value in USD of your open positions using the formula below: EQUITY = SUM(Positions)

Since the base currency of our platform is USD, the assets you hold are reevaluated against USD every 15 minutes. For example, if hold BTC as your collateral, its value may fall during the day to accommodate the limit in USD. Thus, your liquidity provider and the system would require you to top up the account.

5. What is “Planned Equity”?

Planned Equity utilizes the same formula as Equity without accounting positions that are in the progress of being settled.

6. What is “Position”?

Amount of the asset. It is not changing even if the market moves.

7. What is “Price” and why is it changing?

The mark-to-market value of the asset at the given moment

8. What is “Position, $”?

The total value of the assets in USD

9. What is “OR, %”?

OR, % is the overnight rate nominated in APR %. Which can be found under the Assets tab. Read more in the Non-Deliverable Trading.

10. What is “est. overnight cost”?

It is the value of the deduction or interest paid on the asset in accordance with the rate. The value is changed from day to day, depending on the previous settlement history and the number of days you roll the position.

11. Can I change the filtering?

Yes, by clicking on “Group by Counterparty”

12. What is the upward arrow responsible for?

It is responsible for requesting assets or generating a settlement instruction. The values would be pulled automatically

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