Data-driven tool to assess your trading costs and the activity of your customers*

Finery Markets Pulse is an easy-to-use analytical tool for the analysis of effective spreads across the leading trading venues.

What does this tool help with?

  1. If you are not a customer of Finery Markets, you may have guest access to assess the total cost of execution for some pairs. Specify the pair, amount, and your monthly trading volume and we will compare the spreads

  2. If you are a customer of Finery Markets, log in and you will have an extensive list of pairs for comparison

  3. If you are a liquidity provider on Finery Markets, you can compare your quotes to the aggregated prices from other LPs and analyze the behavior of your takers

How do I compare the cost of OTC execution against major exchanges?

  1. Log in to pulse.finerymarkets.com

  2. Select Spreads

  3. Choose an instrument

  4. Select the size of the trade

  5. Specify the monthly turnover to adjust the fees applied by the exchanges

How can I analyze the behavior of my Takers?

This section is available to Liquidity Providers only.

  1. Log in to pulse.finerymarkets.com

  2. Select Analytics

How does the Analytics tab help my liquidity provision business grow?

  1. By tracking on a daily, weekly, last 30 days and monthly basis analyze the turnover

  2. By tracking taker's concentration

  3. By tracking your overall pocket share in takers' trading volume on Finery Markets and per asset as well

These insights might be helpful to make data-driven decisions for increasing the flow

Where can I find the taker concentration?

The concentration in % is painted our signature mint green. In the example, Exchange accounts for 93.07% of the trading volume. The green bar represents the share in the overall liquidity provider's turnover.

How can I learn how much of the taker's volume I'm receiving on Finery Markets?

The pocket share is shown in %. The grey line is the visual representation of your pocket share vs. other liquidity providers.

How can I assess the performance of the pairs?

Refer to the instruments section of the page. You may learn valuable insights from the data. For instance, how the pair is performing against other liquidity providers of your taker.

In the example, Admin's BTC-USDT pair accounts for 32.41% of the overall turnover. Moreover, Liquidity-Test wins 93.35% of the flow with BTC-USDT across its client base. Another peculiar insight is LTC-BTC: Despite the low overall turnover, Admin holds a monopoly for this pair (100% of pocket share).

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